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Who we are

Ole Friede

In Memoriam - Ole Friede *29.01.2016

Ole has been involved in conservation for the last 20 years of which 8 was as head of the Namibian Game Capture Unit, with a degree in conservation and a background involving translocation of rhinos and various other animal species, growing up in Tanzania and Zimbabwe this make travelling with him an unique experience not to be missed.

Most of our pilot guides have similar backgrounds, for us this is what makes our safaris different and old clients returning to us time and again wanting to travel with their specific guides again, building a friendship over the years.

Ole guiding

 As quoted by him: “We are not only pilots. We are tour guides who fly. We have real stories to tell because we have the knowledge, the background and the experience in many fields, making a safari special," says Ole. “There is a big difference between a charter flight and a pilot-guided fly-in safari. We are not the chauffeurs of the sky. We provide a holistic experience and our safaris are nature based. Our product is flexible and because we serve the low-volume, high end of the market, we can afford the attention to detail, the flexibility and freedom it affords. We are in the fortunate position that our clients experience the contrasts of our majestic land in its most spectacular form.”

Marie Friede

Marie Friede


Marie has been actively involved in the Namibian Tourism Industry since 1993. 

As General Manager  of a large African Tour and Safari operator her dream was always to work on a more personal basis with her guests and agents, focussing on tailor made safaris instead of mass tourism.

So when she decided to start African Profile Safaris in 2007, the focus was to offer tailor made safaris to individuals, small groups or families.  Of course being married to Ole, they share a love for nature and have extensively travelled in Namibia and the neigbouring countries.  

Marie & Shani

Being a third generation Namibian she grew up in the farm community of Grootfontein; As mom of two small children she like to introduce the family angle into safaris, introducing guests to the local people and diverse cultures of Namibia. 

In November 2007 she was joined by her sister in law Marianne, together they have over 20 years expierence in the travel industry.





Jan Friede

Jan Friede

Jan has been involved in conservation, game farm management and guiding for a many years, but focusing on specialized guiding in Namibia and Botswana for the past 9 years. With a diploma in conservation and award winning Wildlife and Nature photography Jan is an enthusiastic guide with a vast amount of knowledge to share with his safari guests.

Also having grown up in Tanzania and Zimbabwe allows Jan to give guests the bigger picture of African safaris thus making travelling with him an interesting journey. While pilot guiding is his passion, Jan’s photography is a semi professional hobby with which he is able to master photo safaris and help the layman skillfully shoot endless frames of their own holiday. Jan says: You have got to be at the right place at the right time for the perfect picture ….. I will try to make that happen …. but don’t let the wrong camera setting spoil the moment …. I will try to not let that happen. May the memories of an unforgettable safari remain in your hearts and thoughts ….. and cameras ….. for a very long time to come.


Marianne Friede

Marianne was born in the Netherlands and emigrated to Africa with her Parents when she was 6 years old.
Growing up in Namibia and South Africa she was able to travel in these countries extensively, nurturing a passion for the outdoors, beautiful places, wildlife and nature. Having worked in all aspects of the Tourism industry for the last 16 years, she has developed excellent knowledge of Namibia and its neighboring countries. Her love for the outdoors is clearly reflected in her itineraries, which include an abundance of adventure activities and special interest fields. With an outstanding attention to detail, she will tailor any request to make it your dream holiday come true.

African Profile Team

African Profile Safaris Office Team

Our Team has the unique talent to pick ideal routes, through picturesque landscape and captivating highlights to breathtaking destinations, making each of our safaris an exceptional and distinctly African Experience.

We pride ourselves with over 20 years’ experience in tours and safaris, we not only create a dream safari but are able to combine this with an understanding of the complexities of discerning guests in order to craft masterpiece journeys of a lifetime. Locally-based, tour following ensures that our safaris whether by road or by air are monitored 24 hrs offering assistance and backup in case of emergencies.

From Left to Right

Luzaan du Toit, Helena Hashipala, Tamsyn Kintscher, Marie Friede, Marianne Friede, Francis Harmse, Jan Friede

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