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Our Safaris

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Nature Drive

The unique talent of our Safari team to pick ideal routes, through picturesque landscape and captivating destinations, makes each of our safaris an exceptional and distinctly African Experience.

To offer tailor-made and special interest group or individual safaris, our team boasts with its wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the incredibly diverse inhabitants and parts of Namibia and its neighboring countries.

Come and join us on a journey to a place that does not exist anywhere else.

Visit an ancient nomadic tribe, the second largest canyon on earth, the highest dunes of the world, the oldest desert and plants and the unique Skeleton coast. A desert that time seems to have forgotten, thundering waterfalls and the penetrating drumbeats of nomadic tribes takes us back into a time of harmony, peace and tranquil solitude.

Guest on sunrise

Safaris handcrafted in Africa

We are an owner-managed ecotourism and conservation conscious company.
We exist in order to play our part in protecting pristine wilderness areas and the flora and fauna - or biodiversity - that they support. We believe that in protecting these areas, and including the local communities in this process, we will make a difference to Africa and ultimately the world. In short, our Safaris contribute towards nature and wildlife conservation, community participation and ultimately poverty alleviation and development.

Based in the capital, Windhoek, our experienced team is committed to the highest levels of service and expertise. Come and join us on the journey….. the ultimate safari!

We offer:

  • Above all else - Tailor made:
  • Guided Drive or Fly-in Safaris for individuals, groups or families
  • Photographic safaris
  • Self-drive Tours - A fully detailed tour description and directions for self drive clients including all support material like maps, guide books etc upon arrival during a personalized reception in Windhoek
  • A qualified and knowledgeable guide for the duration of your guided tour or fly-in safari
  • Exclusivity on specific itineraries for our preferred client
  • 24 hr availability in emergencies, dedicated to your service.
Fly In Safaris

Fly In Safaris

Our fly-in safaris cater both for the discerning individual traveler as well as small groups/families or incentives. All our fly-in safaris is done with knowledgeable pilot guides (as well as flying they are qualified to do the guiding on the ground), and our clients have exclusive use of the aircraft no air shuttles or scheduled flights, we adapt to your schedule …… this is the ultimate way to do a Safari through Southern Africa, combining different countries, and experiences. From climbing the dunes in Namibia to Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda or Uganda, a beach holiday in Mozambique, or snorkeling in Lake Malawi. The unique experience of having your own aircraft and pilotguide to your disposal make the possibilities endless!

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Plan Your Safari
Our focus is on tailor made safaris, by using our map or adding items to your wish lists it enables us to respond accurately to your enquiries and help you to plan your safari handcrafted in Africa!

Post-Covid Specials
We have some Post-Covid Specials available, valid for traveling till 30 June 2022 Many Lodges and Suppliers have issued special rates, and therfore we can create a personalized itinerary, based on your individual request.  P...
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Watch this space
We will be posting a new special soon ...
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Trans Africa
Dear Ole, Summing up, I must say once more that we are sure that you are really the best guide and pilot in the whole Africa and we thank the destiny many times that we met you. At least we know that we have a very reliable person in A...
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