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Guest Feedback

Dear Sirs,

just last week we did come back from our 2-weeks-trip to Namibia, booked with you through Erlebe-Reisen in Germany.

We’ve been introduced to our route by Luzaan and Tamsyn which has been a very helpful and kind “meet & greet” in Windhoek just before our tour start. We very much enjoyed our stay in Namibia and had a wonderful time throughout our whole trip which we think it was well organized and well structured!

- we did like the Route Description which has been handed over while we had the “meet & greet” – this did give important information also in regard of distance and driving hours.

What we liked best:
- Sundowner tour at the Sossusvlei Lodge (nice start into the desert)
- Sailing with Sun Sail Catamarans (very nice morning )
- The Erongo Wilnderness Lodge (wow – what a nice lodge! worth to stay 2 nights instead of only 1 …)
- Rhino Tracking (very nice done and interesting)
- Stay at the Waterberg Lodge (very warm welcome!)

This was one of our favorite trips for the last few years and we took many wonderful moments with us to remember!

Thanks again!

Kind regards,


Namibia Selfdrive

Hey Marianne.

I'd like to say Thank You! We're back since yesterday and the trip to Namibia was really awersome. We have seen so many fascinating animals, met so many nice and friendly people and were very impressed by the landscapes and camps/lodges/farms.We will defenitly come to africa again. Everything was very well organised and smooth!

Please tell me if you want to have any further information feedback or even pictures from us.

Jan-Wilhelm F



Note from Poland

I would like to recommend African Profile Safari to all Africa lovers. The tailor made itinerary they drafted for us in less than a week was simple perfect. Marie Friede and Marianne Breukink did excellent job.

They found a good ballance between adventure and leisure. They menaged to find the best and safest roads and superb lodges od the way from Windhoek to Namib Nakluft, Swakopmund, Skeleton Coast and Estosha. We appreciate their dedication to the clients and professionalism and knowlegde of Namibia (not only as a tourist destinantion). We live in Poland but communication in setting up the trip was no problem. We exchanged number of emails. Marianne has helped us to overcome problems with Air Namibia canceled flight.
Thanks to Marie and Marianne we are thinking about another trip to Namibia.

Jacek and Aleksandra Pawlicki, journalists from Warsaw, Poland

Etosha Waterhole

Guided Fly In Safari





Ole in the Desert

Fly In Safari

Dear Ole and Jan
Back in cold grey UK missing the sunshine, this is just a quick note to thank you for making our trip so memorable and special. It would not have been anything like so great done any other way - we cannot praise you enough, not only for the flying but for your friendliness and care for us. The organisation was superb and your efforts on our behalf much appreciated. We are looking at our pictures with much nostalgia.
Our trip to Zingela camp was most relaxing and a good finish to the holiday.
We hope to see you again one day and will certainly tell everyone about African Profile.
Michael and Nicola Fitzgerald 

Guest Feedback

Dear Marianne & Marie,

We are at home again..........
The reality in a different way as in Namibie is here again. That means
paying your bills etc.
This weekend we saw all the pictures and the movie we made on our tour
through Namibie. It was hard to realise that we were there and now
back home again........ The trip was fabulous!!!!!!!! We will never
forget Namibie and Ole. Both were....??? We have no words for them to
express the feeling we had. But I can asure you they were more than
Thank you for your part in our trip!!

With love, Joke Zwart. Fam. De Gijt from Holland
P.S. The little green bags did a very good job!
(Guided Fly-in Safari )


Self Drive Tour

Dear Marie, Mercia & team!
Our trip to Namibia, that was organized by you, was fantastic. We are impressed with your wonderful country and with the professionality of your company in composing our trip program and choosing the lodges. We believe that your distant and exciting country wins continually popularity amongst Estonians and we give the best of us for that.
With gratefulness,
Mr and Mrs Veetamm
Mr and Mrs Ambruzevitš (Self drive tour)

Self Drive Tour

Het was helemaal geweldig. Marianne heeft ons prima voorbereid op de reis, met goede details als tijd dat we weg moesten rijden ergens, tips voor restaurants of excursies. En zeker toen we haar nodig hadden ivm wijziging van locatie heeft ze ons perfect geholpen en in de communicatie erg prettig.
Voelt goed als je weet dat er iemand beschikbaar is in het land waar je vertrouwen in hebt.
Dikke pluim - Rene V.

Self Drive Tour

Dear people from African Profile Safaris.

We have unfortunately returned home after an excellent trip through Cape Town and Namibia. And it was wonderful!!

The itinerary was great; we saw lots of wildlife and wild nature, met friendly people and had wonderful stays. It was a great experience and we would like to thank you for the nice trip!

The 'driving itinerary’ proved very helpful,
Once again, thanks for everything. It was great!

the 'Van der Leij Family'
Annemieke van der Leij
Jurgen Veenker – Belguim & Holland

Guided Drive Tour

Dear Marie,

We had a nice trip and have come back with many precious memories, most of landscapes, some of people, and with hundreds of photos!

Our introduction to Namibia at farm Heimat was the best thinkable start. Rainer and Marianne made us so welcome and spent so much time explaining us the Namibian farmer's way of living that we felt we would have liked to stay a little longer….

Accommodation in lodges is really something special and something very 'African' for us. We have nothing really comparable here. We learned that prices for lodges vary widely depending on where they are located. If I ever were to come back, I would take the reasonably priced ones.

That's it from my limited point of view. But do remember that tastes differ and this is just a personal view.

I wish you all the best for the upcoming high season and I can tell you I miss the clear Namibian/African sky, the velvety air, and the beautiful light you have.

Best regards, Ursula Hettchen / Helga Hövel – Finland 

Trans Africa

Dear Ole,
Summing up, I must say once more that we are sure that you are really the best guide and pilot in the whole Africa and we thank the destiny many times that we met you. At least we know that we have a very reliable person in Africa. Our touroperators were asking a lot of questions about our transafrican trip and we answered all of them that Ole is best of the best on the whole African continent. I understand that each of us has his own life, but, please, keep in touch with me and let me know about yourself at least one time a month (or one time in two monthes).

Keep in touch and best wishes, Boris, Trans Africa Fly-In Safari 4 weeks, (Guided fly-in safari)

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