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Rising some 200 metres above the surrounding African bush and savannah, the Waterberg Plateau with its flamboyant brick-red sandstone formations and lush green vegetation, presents an island of vibrant colour. The 405.5-km2 park, situated 60 km east of Otjiwarongo and 300 km north east of Windhoek, was proclaimed in 1972. It was originally created as a sanctuary for rare and endangered species, such as roan and sable antelope, tsessebe and Cape buffalo, of the Kavango and Caprivi regions.


Today the park is home to some 25 game and over 200 bird species. The vegetation changes dramatically from acacia savannah at the foot of the plateau to lush, green sub-tropical dry woodland with tall trees and grassy plains at the top. Ten fern species have been recorded at the Waterberg, of which one is endemic to Namibia and Angola. There is also an impressive range of flowering plants, including the conspicuous flame lily, Gloriosa virescens. Dinosaur tracks imbedded in sandstone can be seen on top of the plateau.


The superb natural beauty of Waterberg can be explored either by vehicle on a guided game-viewing tour, or on foot by means of guided wilderness trails or a 4-day self-guided wilderness trail and easy walking trails.

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Bird Watching at Waterberg Bird Watching at Waterberg
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Sunset Drives at Waterberg Sunset Drives at Waterberg
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