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Our Safaris: Family

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Family in the Dunes

My favourite saying is:  "You can't organize a family safari, if you don't have children yourself".

So as parents of young children, toddlers and babies our consultants know what lodges to use, which routes to take and the activities to focus on.  Our guides know how to amuse children on flights or drives, or to organize that special treats like a pizza, or hamburger at a lodge in the middle of nowhere!

Our family programs are tailor made according to the children ages and the amount of days to our disposal.

We advise you to look at our self-drive and fly-in programs to give you an idea of the lodges and routes. 

Wolwedans Kid

Depending on children ages, we will use the same routes, maybe different lodges that is more child friendly and offer children rates. Main changes is that we will travel shorter distances and will include activities like sandboarding, dolphin boat tours, quad biking and other options.

For smaller children and babies, we provide our clients with proper car seats, camping cots and other equipment, free of charge. We are also available to assist with the questions that moms will have like, what nappies can I buy in Namibia, what babyfood can I get etc. etc.

We are there to make your family safari a reality without the extra worries that is part of the parent package!

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