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Attractions in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe is blessed with a good and warm climate with rich flaura and fauna. Zimbabwe is also where you find one of the Seven Wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls which is surrounded by the seven wonders of our own world.

Our people and Culture

Rich History and Heritage

The Majestic Victoria Falls

The Great Zimbabwe the grand medeval palace

Pristine Wildlife and Nature

The Mystic of the Eastern Highlands

Mythical Kariba and the Mighty Zambezi

The seven wonders of our own world give the visitor seven reasons to visit Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans are a peace loving people, warm and hospitable and as such they are our first wonder. Zimbabwe has a rich history and heritage defining how our people came to be what they are today. The Majestic Victoria Falls which is known by the locals as "Mosi Oya Tunya" the smoke that thunders because of the thunderous noise the water from the falls and smoke like mist from the fall. The Great Zimbabwe is a wonder in itself, built of granite blocks with no mortar or adhesive it has captured the interest of both local and international architects. Our pristine wildlife and nature rivals that of any other African country and is in the top 40 of the beautiful habitats in the world. The eastern highlands is a mountainous plain which is said to be filled with the voices of the ancestors and the waters that flow within the plan are said to contain healing powers and sooth the body. The mythical Kariba and the mighty Zambezi, the home of Nyaminyami the serpent god of the Tonga people. Visitors who come to the area can indulge themselves in the story of this mythical creature and even have a hand carved walking stick in the form of the serpent god.

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