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C208 Caravan Luxury Model

African Profile Safaris operates a variety of aircraft for several reasons.

The main reason is of course suitability for a specific Safari and the flying requirement determined by that. Aircrafts in general have a take-off weight limitation, which may not be exceeded. This means, that when the plane is loaded to its full seat capacity, the fuel tanks may only be filled partially. Thus each aircraft has its own limitations; each safari has its own fuel requirements. Of course this affects the amount of baggage the passengers can take with them.

Your comfort and space not only on the ground but also in the air is important to us. We at “African Profile Safaris” are of the opinion that “getting there in comfort” is part of a quality safari.

Cessna 210

Cessna 210 Centurion

• Single-engine: Piston: normally aspirated or turbo-charged available.
• High wing: ideal for scenic flights
• Single Crew
• Comfortably seating 4 passengers
• Flies comfortably at 300 km/h between low level and 12 000 foot
• Headsets for all passengers



Cessna 208 Caravan

• Single-engine Turbine
• High wing - ideal for Scenic flights
• Single Crew
• Standard model 13 pax & Luxury model 8 pax
• Very spacious
• Flies comfortably at 300 km/h between low level and 12 000 foot.
• Headsets for all passengers

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