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African Profile Safaris

Come and join us on a journey... visit an ancient nomadic tribe, the second largest canyon and the highest dunes of the world!! Travel to the unique Skeleton coast, or a desert that time seems to have forgotten. Thundering waterfalls and the penetrating drumbeats of nomadic tribes takes us back into a time of harmony, peace and tranquil solitude.

Our in-depth knowledge of the diverse inhabitants and parts of Namibia and its neighboring countries enables us to offer tailor-made guided fly-in safaris, special interest group and family safaris, or for the more adventurous self drive tours!

More than a journey... the ultimate safari!
Low Season Special
Lion Cub
Join us for a Private Guided Fly In Safari to: Sossusvlei Swakopmund and Etosha National Park Prices starting from N$ 2...
Inspection trip to Namibia's South
On 20 November, Marianne and Tamsyn will be joined by 2 x European agents to explore the South of Namibia. They will visit the Kalahari Desert, Fis...